The Team

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The Team


Jean-Luc Fretard

Co Founder
ideation to company

25 years of experience in the creation, development and management of digital solutions and structures. The years spent as general manager, director of innovation or directors in different companies and organizations have forged in me an unshakeable faith in the power of collective intelligence as well as a great acuteness on all innovation and creation brakes . I enjoy sharing my visions at conferences for Markus Evans, TedX or any other forum.

Lucid, pragmatic and committed. I like exploring new spaces through other ways on land, road, sea and air.

My secret sauce for Hola’Up: “Get out of the frame, gain height, master the acceleration and optimize the trajectories towards the goal”

Karl Verger

ideation to market

Self made man and digital pioneer , more than 20 years to design and market digital business either as an entrepreneur or as an intrapreneur.

In recent years as Deputy General Manager, CTO Innovation or as projects director and advisor to various startups, I have gained a very strong expertise in design, launching and marketing innovative offers from a technical, business and financial point of view.

Today, I bring my network, my desire, my energy and my know-how to the entire value chain, from design to marketing and new technologies.

Enthusiastic, fight spirit and determined I like fun, collaborative and profitable challenges.

My secret sauce for Hola’Up: “Effectuation, cooperation, passion, knowledge, energy and ambition”

Marius Mézerette

Ideation to product

Digital native of the team, expert techno multi-caps

I bring my 10 years of experience in an Innovation & Development department as a full stack developer and then TechLead in the service of developing ideas and projects around mobile, AI and Big Data.

Passionate and curious, I am the Geek Hola’Up asset!

When I’m not behind my computer, I like to go Geocaching in the wilderness to discover new landscapes, cultures and adventures.

My secret sauce for Hola’Up: “Decipher new technologies, detect tomorrow’s trends, pay attention to details” to innovate and make a difference with passion! 💙 »

Ornella Solari

ideation to people

Work Psychologist, Entrepreneurship Coach and mental trainer, I spent 10 years in the conquest of the best potentials and talents of digital and IT for startups with the most innovative services.

I am now specialized in human behavior in search of the wildest challenges! Madness is to behave in the same way and expect a different result as Einstein said.

Passionate about innovation and the human relationships and creativity they bring to life, my role is to support human and technological challenges by making change a wave spot. I listen, I observe, I transcribe, I create the link by facilitating the construction of an objective for a concrete and lasting realization.

My secret sauce for Hola’Up: “Catalyzing Human Potentials”

The Team

Partners & Advisors

Dominique Singez

partner & advisor

30 years of entrepreneurship to my credit, today CEO of CIM key player in the publishing of software dedicated to the world of personal insurance, including Health & Welfare.

CIM is today the 3rd software publisher in the world of Insurance in France with more than 90 employees.

I bring my pragmatism, my market experience and my network to the projects carried by HolaUP.

Pascal Martinez


With a double background in Science and Business Administration, I have spent most of my time developing software-centric, international businesses for leading Editors as well as startups.

An Entrepreneur by nature, my objective is always to imagine and deliver innovative solutions to the market, and turn ideas into usage.

My specialties? International business development, software strategy and marketing…

Stéphane Traumat


Co-founder of Oak Invest, a consulting and investment firm specializing in new technologies.

CEO of Scub, a digital service company founded in 2003 specializing in agile methods, java technologies and the insurance business.

CEO of SPS, a customer relationship management and product comparison solution for insurers and brokers.

Speaker on topics such as the industrialization of software development, cloud computing, the semantic web, Big Data or Bitcoin.

Developer / Contributor on open source projects like JOnAS, Scub Foundation, Square … or online services like Predeez.

David Bessoudo


More than 15 years of experience solving complex technology, web & mobile apps, cloud services, bigdata and application integration for large companies.

Entrepreneurship, having co-founded successful start-up Ignilife in 2014. A health prevention platform, solution sold to 2 major health leaders, one in France and one in Switzerland. Raising 1.4M Euros in 2015, which currently employs 18 people.

Passionate about solving challenging problems and dedicated to quality. I love to learn new things and therefore I enjoy working in a multicultural environment with talented folks.

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